Bit of vehicle history.

l_225320d588d07180a0782893216b77a6I believe this was the day I first put what I thought at the time were real wheels, better than junkyard wheels.  This picture was spring 07 I believe and was the best looking and worst shape that car was ever in.  Shortly after this picture I had sold the wheels to the owner of the red S14, then sold the car to a “drifter”l_166ee0ebcfb969b391db54d064704bed

and bought my first Civic….

l_8d1b1f554d3c0b6a992625a529412650This car was the first semi properly modded car I owned, meaning someone else who knew what to buy first had owned it before I did.  It was a great car, but it did not give me that same feeling my Nissan had.

I had been through what I thought was quite a bit with my first car.  When I get access to my old computers hard-drive for photos a proper history on it will be in store.  But for now just a quick view into the on going quest for that feeling the first Nissan gave me again.

There was a short period of time after that Honda in which I did not care about much else besides school and work, then slowly started to look for a next daily driven project.

One Honda was enough and I knew front wheel drive was not for me and started looking for a rear wheel drive car in my budget.

cressida09-2At this point I am in college and my main concern was to hang out with my friends and not do much at all.  The Cressida offered much more than a Nissan could and when I had bought it I had a good job.  I figured inline-6 4 door would be amazing amounts of fun and tons of space.  This was 2008.  Day after I bought the car I lost my job and the ideas of swaps and drift Cressi took the space in the back of my mind as the car fell apart on me.

At this point I was almost done with my core classes and had bounced around majors before almost a 2JZ swaps worth of repairs to the Cressi prompted me to stick with automotive as not just a hobby, but future profession.  About a month after 2500 worth of repairs the headgasket failed and the car was done.  I sold it for 450 for school books and have wished I started school for auto sooner.   After the cressida I did not even begin to look for another project till I figured I knew enough to handle most of the work my self.   In all this time my dads back up vehicle had been saving my ass each time my car went to the shop or I didnt have a car, or something.  My most important project at the moment which is broken from the last time it saved my ass from being vehicleless….  Our 93 Toyota 4RunnerIMG_3961

With that I will post more into my history later, as I have two more passed cars and two current cars besides the truck.


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