Newest car ever. To me at least :]

IMG_2990I got some help getting yet another car.  I have to start shrinking our growing lot now, starting with the old daily driver Honda.  Super excited to be in an AWD, and even more excited to be in a car that has both a radio AND air conditioning! This is my first car since my first Nissan that has both, so I have a good feeling.  Very excited to make this thing a real N/A sport wagon, the junk rusty exhaust is making terrible noises screaming for me to replace it with an STI if I can X]!  I guess I will start my Subaru research and see whats good.  Well once I get it registered properly and the Honda is gone I will.  My s-chassis will have to wait a while longer before I get back to work on her, but at least I have been convinced by my lovely lady that keeping it as a project is important and selling it should only be a last resort.  Wasting money on the same thing over and over must bug her more than me haha.  Either way I guess now I have to real projects, and a car to sell, possibly if I fix a few things on the Honda I can still make all our money back…. I hope I can to pay back a better chunk of my mini SUV Impreza >>…….



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