U.S. Nissan 240sx S13 #000035 an automatic two tone coupe.


My Nissan needs a post to it self just so I can see its picture on my page :].


My Nissan may not look like much, but according to it’s VIN number it is the 35th U.S. market s13.  When I bought the car I had first planned on buying an s chassis to destroy drifting.  I bought her for 900 bucks in pretty bad shape under shady conditions where I figured I would not end up with a title and would have to part her out.  A few long drives and DMV waits later she was mine.  1989 model built in june of 88 S13#000035

IMG_1414 IMG_1416IMG_1417She was rough! But I still had a ton of parts laying around from the project fastback that got parted out (pictures of that later)  so I quickly got to work replacing what what garbage with parts I happened to have laying around. IMG_1439 IMG_1466 IMG_1485 IMG_1487 IMG_1489 IMG_1491 IMG_1492 IMG_1495 IMG_1502 IMG_1500 IMG_1514

The subframe I pulled off the car had been smashed up at some point during its life, but so had my hatch project, and its replacement never went on.  What luck I held on to it.  The stock struts were blown too, but luckily in an evening on impluse buying missile parts on ebay I had cheap coilovers laying around :]!  Hooray me and my need to waste money on parts to play with…  In the time I daily drove the car the held up really well and I honestly have no complaints, other than I want adjustable dampening for serious use.  So they will get replaced in the future. IMG_1539 IMG_1529 IMG_1522 IMG_1531

ANNNNNNNNDDDDD now she sits in “please dont vandalize me” mode.  I figure the bird poo will deter people from touching, but the wheels will show people it means some business, except the terrible tire sizes…..



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