Proper Sports Wagon.

6914055989_5f2bafdd94_b I feel like I have dug deep through the threads of NASIOC looking at pictures for of proper sports wagons made of the Impreza wagon.   As much as I would love a rally car, I had never realized that most people actually buy Subarus as “rally toys”.  Unfortunately I do not remember the members name, but his wagon is almost perfect.  I have a deep love for CR Kais, and if I remember right his are 17×9, if he had just a bit more meat on the tires and a bit more height I would have a perfect model of inspiration, but till that other person post their wagon, this one will have to be my model. I love it, and it makes me want my car done asap! Till then I should go get new tires for the Nissan so it looks less goofy in the driveway, not to mention that Honda…. 6914001853_67275738f7_b


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