More Subaru Inspiration

5931978519_c0a820716b_bI should start saving pictures as forum usernames, whom ever owns this car has a mighty nice looking wagon, I believe they are WEDS, but I am probably wrong. Also they look like 18’s so a bit big for me, but the photo is perfect and massively worthy of being inspiration to junk mine up with coilovers and aftermarket wheels.

Im thinking D2, or Fortune Auto coil overs and if I find a deal on some nice wheels something in a 17×9 with a 35-45 offset, and 255/40s or 45s.  Im sure by time I have the honda gone I will have done a bit more research into decent parts…  Maybe I can convince Fortune Auto to give me a deal on Nissan and Subaru coils if I buy them at the same time haha X], I wish!

I should stop waiting for my paperwork from school and go find a job! I am calling this my summer vacation since I would have only walked this week if I chose to.

I need to stop being such a bum!



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