Eibach Honda Meet 2013 Coverage…Part 1…

I love how well put the intro is about Eibach, and though I have never gone I always assumed it was something you had to pay to walk around at…. Anyway maybe next year I will make it out to Eibach to see what all the fuss is about. I love a well built Honda, I think it is worth a few bucks to look at a bunch of em together P: . Stickydiljoe.com is probably the best event coverage blog I have stumbled across lately, I wish I would have found it sooner as good as it is! Can not wait for the following days worth of coverage from this years Eibach. In his intro he mentions having to pay for his site expenses, makes me think I should start buying stickers from all the blogs I like to show my support. I have an extra fender in the garage that is more decoration than anything that needs more stickers on it P: .

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To say that the 2013 Eibach Honda Meet was a “monumental success” would almost be an understatement… If you were there at any point of the day from the early morning until the late afternoon, you would definitely agree. By all accounts, this was the biggest and best Eibach Honda Meet to date. The argument by its detractors has always been how great this meet used to be or how it was better in its earlier years and while it is important to appreciate the past, it is also essential to embrace the future. Growth is a vital part of this community and if you do not grow with the changing times, well…you’re just gonna get left behind. The fact is that the Eibach Meet has outgrown itself and it will need to continue to expand.

Do you think that Ryan Hoegner and Rodrez, the original creators of the Eibach…

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