Short trip to the Bay.

IMG_3120Went out of town for a few days, it was a quick trip so instead of driving like I would like to have, my lovely lady had got me a ticket for the plane ride out to the Bay instead.  I love parking on the roof of McCarran for this picture here.  The last trip out of town first week I had the Subaru and there was no parking facing the strip! Mothers day weekend though…. Either way this random weekend had plenty of space for my car to get that nice picture, sort of…. Stupid piller and sun shade in my way!  Oh well, plenty of other spots with the same view that I can go to at a later date…..

Any who :D! I did take a few pictures while there, but I missed the one picture I wanted of a red Supra on GIANT look like 19in Work Meisters with like 8 inches of lip.  Never have I seen those wheels so big, he parked and we went into a down town San Jose Walgreens, when we came out it was gone :[!!!! I will run into that Supra again more prepared one of these days I am sure.  Then I will be ready for it.

IMG_3117We spent one night at the Hotel De Anza.  It was the “raid the pantry” extra on their site that had sold us on it as a good idea.  As part of any room from 10pm till 5am they have a closet on the second floor with random stuff in it to snack on, was fun, but not really a reason to stay there again lol.

IMG_3110 I think the room had a great view though.

IMG_3108 IMG_3104 IMG_3103 We also took a couple of the dogs to a nice park not to far from her house.  Pearl is the Corgi, PoohBear is the white dog.  Pearl is a bit out of shape, so the walk really wore her out, but PoohBear is a very happy hyper little guy and was ready for many more laps around that pond. When I drive out I will get to bring my little one to keep her from being so lazy at home all day!  IMG_3092 This is Mitzi “Nismo” Brennan, she was maaaad I left her in Vegas for the last few days lol, but my brother did come and pick her up for an adventure with her little brother Seymour, I am sure they loved it :]


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