I have a lot of free time…

IMG_0109 And have not done anything creative in a very long time :[!  I made these two Munny a very long time ago, and made a couple more afterwards, one is a very nice Panda I gave to my Grandma a few Summers ago.  Well the panda I made my girl got into a scuffle with one of her dogs and she wants me to make her a new one.  I have a large Munny I have been meaning to start on, I think I should re plan for it and start it soon.  I need to go get a case for my harddrive out of that busted computer and hope I can use it with my mac some how O<!! So many old projects and pictures on it.  With all of this free time I need to decide where to start and become productive till I find that job!  My brother says I should start with learning how to make my wordpress less stock looking! Like I should learn how to put links to other blogs, and change the background.  I told him to make me a logo and I will start learning how to work this thing :]


The Super Smash logo is one my girlfriends projects, I will post more of her peeler bead creations she made for me later.


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