My co-pilots

IMG_0033 I feel the need to properly introduce a couple of my favorite people on the planet.  Mitzi “Nismo” Brennan is the little black one, she is 4 this year.  She is this offical co-pilot of all my cars unless Jen my girlfriend is in the car, then obviously she takes that honor :P, but since she lives all the way in California Mitzi is the one to hold that title.  Seymour “Mr. Butts” Brennan is her little brother.  They are not literally related, but they act like siblings and I have had them both since puppies so it works.  He is going to be 2 this year.  I guess he has a more official jacket for the title co-pilot, so he get to be third chair for that reason….  I was hoping when we first brought him home that he would get attached to my dad and kind of be like his dog, it worked like a charm and he has become dads best friend in his time on this Earth.  Both of them were basically strays, Mitzi one day when she was even smaller than she is now had walked up to my girlfriends house and after an afternoon of knocking on doors to find an owner on her street it was decided to keep her.  She had no teeth yet and was just a little bigger than my hand.  Seymour at least was given to us by my girlfriends cousins boyfriend that claimed he was old enough to give away.  He has been in great shape since we got him so I assume he was raised proper till we got him.  I am not veterinarian though so I do not know.

IMG_0079 He sticks to Dad like glue and is super defensive over him, but he is still very nice to most people.

IMG_3064 I will post more pictures of them over time because of all that free time I have…



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