Rauh Welt Rotana on Speedhunters

RWB-Rotana-03 I am honestly not the biggest fan of his new car (color and wing), but I love it for it is a perfect example of what enthusiasm should be.  It is a work of art, a track beast, and all around just a fun looking machine.  Nakai from RWB has been inspiring me for the last couple years to continue towards building at least one car to what I see it in my mind and I think my Nissan will be that car.  Maybe one day my creation will cross paths with one of his…  I doubt my Nissan will be as fast as one of his cars though :], though the Scorch S15 REAAALLLY makes me want to attempt some really crazy stuff… it would become a great adventure then.  When the Honda is gone I will sit down and figure out what direction my s-chassis needs to go in.  Massive respect to Nakai from RWB! Last time I went to the fatlace store I bought a neat RWB ashtray, but I do not smoke cigarettes anymore, so it really just collects dust lol.  BUT I DIGRESS…. the rest of the story is on speed hunters for anyone interested :] http://www.speedhunters.com/2013/06/nakai-goes-turbo-the-rwb-rotana/


Dream goal number 1, get less than 1:05 in my Nissan around Tsukuba.


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