I hate losing money!

IMG_2795 I hope that someone calls me very soon going “I HAVE 1200 TO GIVE YOU!!!” But if not with the A/C having just broke on my junk Honda I am now really hoping that the person who has offered 1k calls me back to get this thing.  I hate losing money, and I am losing a lot :/… That was the reason for going to school for automotive!! FAIL!!!! I had help on this loss, but that person made money off of this car, with out ever owning it ==…. I guess with out it I would not have the Subaru, I would probably have a Honda that runs better than it did.  So to my most recent Honda I hopefully have no more to post on you other than that you have been invested wisely into my Subaru and, or Nissan.  Thanks for 4 months of slow noisy driving which I was scared you would stop moving at any given moment.  Thanks for having parts that cost as much as my Subaru, and make the idea of keeping you daily driveable unthinkable.  I love the world of old cars, old cars being from before I was old enough to drive at this point, so 10+ years.  But honestly, I do not believe it is possible to live in this terrible desert with out a car that runs proper with no worries day to day.  I really like the idea of having a car you enjoy to look at just as much as it is reliable, but lets face it, not everyone likes most new cars, and most old cars have not been very well taken care of.  I hope restomodding catches on and we start seeing a whole new generation of car builders that start making the 80s and 90s cars things to drool over like we are 60s and 70s.  Parts are abundant, why can’t anyones modded Hondas pass smog!!?? What a rant! I HOPE TO NEVER SEE THIS HONDA AGAIN!!! DAMNIT!!!!  I will only buy an EF hatch now if I ever buy another Honda, or EP, or the first gen Fit….. but ya. I am mad >[!!!! So much money gone :[


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