Today I sit and reminisce of times that were much simpler.  I was not born when then song came out, but I sure as hell remember it from Thrasher Skate and Destroy, the greatest skateboarding game of all time and my real first introduction to Hip Hop and everything it has to offer. If I remember right, this was the Subway level song after you stared the timer. When you were still in freerun I believe it was another absolutely amazing song Award Tour from Tribe.  I hate the millennium, I want playstation one bad graphics and good music back.  I want these kids now to have to play the first gameboy I had to play my Pokemon Red version on.  It is stupid how far we have come in the 25 years I have been alive, technology is great and I love it, but I feel it has really made communication with people quite different than what it was in the 90s, and not necessarily for the better.

MY GAMEBOY NEEDED A LINK CABLE ALL THE UP TILL HIGH SCHOOL, AND WE WERE TO POUR TO HAVE A PLAYSTATION GET ONLINE! Dial up was not worth the headache even when I was online with PS2 in high school.   I miss having people I know for sure I share interests with most of all :/.  More rants of learning new things about people you think you “know”.

BTW… Charizard will always be the greatest Pokemon ever created. When I die I want to be burried in a coffin that looks like a Charizard so everyone will know who has my back for the rest of eternity.  Heaven or Hell my Charizard and I will battle all takers for top spot of Pokemon Master……….. yup.


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