I need a bike rack!

IMG_1079 I really do not want to put either bike in my trunk area, but I need to get more active again lol.  I have been eating healthy and in general trying to not be a nasty slob after I took a bad fall off the BMX about two years ago at the skate park and messed up an already bad shoulder. I have since lost around 70 pounds.  Unfortunately some of the weight was muscle in my arms where most of the bad pains come from :[! When I was riding every day my arms were in great shape and the pain in the bad shoulder was very minimal, since losing weight and muscle the pains make it difficult to work it out frequently, but I feel hopping around on the BMX will help that.  I need to start bringing it on my daily runs to stop at the skate park and get some grinds in p:

IMG_1278 My BMX is kinda rusty now, but the hatch still being in the garage tells me this pic is pretty old haha. I wish I had that hatch right now to put all the coupes parts on and beat it up till the coupe can hit its next stage p:



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