Doodling a lot more

IMG_3599 A good amount of me wants to do a tattoo apprenticeship, but they are very expensive and I feel I need practice to sell myself as a professional artist of any sort.


IMG_3576 I love Mitzi, so I really like this one.

IMG_3584 A Google flower, which made me realize I have better in my front yard.

IMG_3719 Painting of Pearl the Dog.  Not terrible for a first realistic sort of painting…

IMG_3630 A flower from our garden.


IMG_3504 Another Google flower, but with a smile :D!

IMG_3503 Mr. President.  This one is pretty bad, but its ok, I will do another one when I am more motivated.  Maybe when he surprises us and does some like flip in flip out like shit, ya know?

IMG_3620 I have been distracted by toy cars and have been slacking on my doodle in the last few weeks, but I plan on getting back on them daily this week.


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