HPI Sprint 2 Sport – super awesome Christmas gift from my bro!

DSCN0553 I had been avoiding this hobby for years now.  I believe I got out of it in 2007 about when I figured I would dedicate my time to work, school, and world of warcraft…  I sold my then collection of RC stuff, a Tamiya TT01, and Team Associated something, and a bunch of junk to attempt to make them drift.  It was not as much fun as my real car back then so it was no real loss… Till now, and I have realized I should have kept the charger…..

DSCN0536 It started off as this, I thought I did enough research into the modern chassis when I first started looking at cars again, and my bro got me the one I had though offered everything I needed to make it a decent drift RC car.

IMG_3834 My girlfriend bought me a new camera I have been playing around with, so I took many pictures of it, as I have been everything recently though.

DSCN0541 I knew when he gave me the car I would not want to use this body much, so I bought my Nissan body even before the car saw the road its first time.

DSCN0544 I did drive it once or twice though, kinda ugly on the first drift wheels I had though.



IMG_3881 And now this one sits on my wall.

IMG_3864 I have been meaning to paint this one, but I want it to sort of match my real Nissan, so I have not really figured out how I want to do the paint yet.  Plus I do not have a Rocket Bunny Silvia, I have a stock USDM 240sx coupe, so it does not matter much to me if it matches, but I still kind of want it to…… Such a conflict :[



IMG_3882Doesn’t matter anyway, because I am more than happy with my AE86 body.  The best thing about an RC drift car is that I can build little cars I assume I will either never own, or will not own for a very long time, so the AE86 is a very filling body seeing how long I have sort of wanted a real one lol.


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