My Subaru loves to take me places, but I think she needs a new clutch :[!

IMG_3445 Since I first got my car I knew I wanted to put as many miles as I could on her, but I also knew buying a car with 103k miles would have me most likely replacing a good amount of stuff fairly quickly…

IMG_3827 The car is as much a second home for this one as she is for me

IMG_3826 Mitzi makes a seat where ever she wants.

IMG_3269 Because she can

IMG_0260 I have explored many places in my car now, many very amazing places.  Mainly just California, but a large chunk of Cali that I have not really explored till now.  Amazing people and amazing sites all along the way.  I can not wait to explore more of this country and put good miles on my car.  Lets hope I hit Megabucks one day so I can take the car to Europe and explore that Continent too. Or to return the car to its birth country for an adventure out of a dream xD!

I would take a billion pictures in the same few poses…






IMG_3726 Not to mention every time we see a family member we would have to take a picture, I love the Subaru community for this reason especially, when there is one, more are bound to come.


IMG_3830 some times there is just us

IMG_3724 and that is ok too.

IMG_3742 in the end we always make it to our destination.  I hope we always make it at least xD!

IMG_4319 fun also when land marks get updates, I guess.  I won’t lie, I like it.  “EAT THE RICH!” from Solo Hobo

DSCN0216 I can not wait to see where she takes us next, but I think I really need to do that clutch to make her feel better before I ask her for another 1500 miles weekend.









DSCN0314 I will end it with this one, as I need to start making more adventures in more stops that I have not been.  I am beginning to see the same places quite often, though there is still a good amount for me to explore.  I need to start with my own city and this new camera to continue learning how to work it proper!!!


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