A pair of Alfas


I have always grown up around nice old cars.  Here in Vegas my dad had his Volvo P1800, and in California my uncle and aunt have always had their nice pair of Alfa Romeos.

DSCN0350 I will not lie, I always forget the model numbers for them both.  And They are both quite the adventure to drive.  It is a mix of fear of messing up someone else’s car, and the excitement that only vintage cars bring when you drive them.

IMG_0190 I have drove them both to the town and back, but I have spent more time driving the blue one than I have this one.

IMG_3356 This one is the older of the two, and my uncle’s car.

IMG_3359 The blue has a nice Personal steering wheel that convinced me I needed a wooden Nardi or Personal wheel for what ever car I drive.  With the Subaru my Nardi just collects dust now, one day I will buy a Nissan hub to get that situation fixed though.  Then it can collect dust in a garage instead of my room…

IMG_0189 I thought I had more pictures of the blue one, but maybe next time I am up there I can take it them to the town for quick photo shoots :]



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