Friend’s AE86, I wonder how it is today…

Photo0456 A few years ago a friend and I went on adventure to pick up a corolla.  We drove my 4Runner out to some California valley city for him to get this decent deal of an AE86.

Photo0457 I have not talked to this friend in quite some time now, we did a lot of work to his car through school, but as classes thinned we started talking less.

Photo0738 I had painted that front fender in one of our body classes, I thought it looked pretty good lol

Photo0737 The owner painted this side, thats him in the background.

The last thing we did to the car was swap everything to a new chassis after title headaches from the car sitting unregistered so long with the Cali registration.  I thought I had pictures of its last form with the second chassis he had picked up, looked the same, but a bit cleaner lol.

I wonder how this car is now, maybe I should just ask, but I figure one day I will see him driving it down some street here in town, maybe I will just honk lol.  I put more work into that car than my Nissan, so it is hard not to think about it occasionally.  I would love a Corolla hatch, this year if I some magic way get space and find a deal… I get so tempted to sell my Subaru and build a nice old DD, and a drift beater, but I know that is not smart xD


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