I miss 13 hatches.

IMG_3752 I love my two current cars, especially my Nissan, but deep inside me is still the hatch person I have always been.

Photo0382 After I sold my first hatch I tried many different cars to try and rebuild that feeling that was real enthusiasm.

Photo0381 Then the Corolla person from my last post had told me about a friend with a broken hatch.  Honestly, it was not as good a deal as my coupe, but it sure was a decent buy.  Clean title 93, except it ran like poo and looks to match…

Photo0761 I figured some quality time with it and I could really build something to be proud of.  Till I got a phone call from a friend asking to buy the engine…

IMG_3775Once the engine was gone I really did not know what I wanted to do with it, so I took what I wanted and sold it.

IMG_1368 Kind of a sad last picture, but motivates me more to get a hatch of some sort again soon.  I feel the need for it, such a strong desire.

IMG_1373 These kids turned it into a 240 truck/ silcamino / what ever you like to call that conversion and put it on craigslist as a project… Waste of a hatch imo, I should have kept it lol.

IMG_1372 Off it went… after they came back with a trailer… Turns out AAA won’t do tows like this anymore lol.

IMG_1375 Needless to say pops was happy,  now the 4Runner takes its spot in the garage where she collects mad dust :]


A profit was made on the money paid, but I spent to much time on it to call it worth it lol.


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