Prescription drugs

I think I fell on my arm originally in 05 or 06, though I am just now having it fixed.  This post is just a quick opinion :].  They prescribed me a drug called Norco, but having lived with the pain so long and having an objection to hard drugs I chose not to pick it up unless the pain is unbearable.  I was warned of intense pain when their drugs wore off, I guess I am still waiting though.  I will not be picking up my poppy based prescription today, I do not think I ever will.  I feel fantastic, and I do not understand why people would need such dangerous drugs if they felt with the initial pain.  I have not since, and hope I will never again deal with the type of pains I had to live through for the first 2 years after I fell on my arm.  I am glad I had to deal with it, because at that age I am sure I would not have used those prescriptions proper in this city.

Though maybe my natural medicine is helping me ;]


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