What a day!

IMG_4518 I had quite a day, it was my first time experiencing anesthesia, what a trip! anyway they pulled a gross tooth looking thing from my arm…  So I think the next few days I will be trying to finish the book my girl’s bro let me borrow.  I have an interest in going back to school for psychology, so its fun reading a book wise title contradicts what I have been reading about the mind lol, but thats something else to ramble about when I have two hands to type again.

My Mom sent me a picture of the above painting.  I painted it for her a few years ago and she recently framed it :D!! Makes me feel like a real artist lol.

IMG_4517 This will be my time filler till I can drive again. I am really hoping to pick up some pointers from this book, though so far the main thing that catches my minds eye is that it claims it will teach how to better get in and out of that groove.  I hate losing the groove for doodling, takes me so long to get it back.

Here is that tooth thing, I think its gross, but very interesting at the same time lol.



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