An interesting news story

Today as I was reading news on Yahoo I came across the story of Dodge Viper number 4.

When I was going through the automotive program at CSN I had never really stopped to think the value of some of the cars we were working on.  Reading the story about the donated Vipers has me thinking back to the cars we had.  Though some were donated because of delivery damage dealers did not want to fix, we had some cars I really gave no thought as to why they were donated.

I wish I had pictures to post with this, maybe I will go take pictures one day if I can get away with not being a student in the auto area lol.

Some of the cars we had were a nice Cadalac XLR, that Corvette chassis Cadi, a right hand drive Cadalac CTS, a newer Mustang that I think was a Boss which had a terribly stiff clutch to drive in work boots lol, and plenty of other stuff that didn’t seem donated for damage.  I really just wonder what those Cadalacs might be worth though, I do not see many XLRs, or RHD USDM stuff.


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