Took a few photos today


I am working my arm out still after surgery, I had it out of the sling most of the day after physical therapy, but it started feeling really heavy so I put it back in.  I guess I have the shoulder of an old man, the person helping me said I damaged 100% of the cartilage in my shoulder, I think he said stage 4 damage or something like that.  He was amazed I have so much range of movement, and of my lack of pain, but he also said living with the damage was probably worse than anyway.

He gave me a list of exercises, I tried them and will continue them throughout the week, but today I figured maybe lifting my camera would help it a bit. I took some pictures, but I am still learning so they are not so good.  I am still learning all the settings on the camera, so some pictures are to dark, and some to bright.

They are a fun look into some of our collected stuff that gives us inspiration, and comfort.  I have began collecting automotive stuff, mainly toys, but random stuff too.  I hope the day I get a house of my own the garage will almost instantly fill with my auto and art type things.

DSCN0693 I love Hot Wheels, my brother got me into collecting a couple years ago.  I mainly try for the Japanese cars, but I have a bit of everything.

DSCN0695 The perler bead creations were made by Jen my girlfriend, They pull most of the attention when people come over lol.  The Mucha poster always gets me in the mood to draw.

DSCN0697 One day I will sand the dresser down and re-stain it, or just continue to paint random stuff over it.

DSCN0692I don’t know why I like this picture.

DSCN0700 I had to get a few of the dogs, but they are really tricky to get good pictures of lol



DSCN0714I made my way to the living room thinking we had some nifty stuff.

DSCN0716 Spiderman vs a licker from Resident Evil O:!!

DSCN0720 More of Jen’s creations for me, the Munny that looks like Sam Jackson from Pulp Fiction was a birthday or Christmas gift a few years ago.  The mug there is a curling mug my I think great great gramps had won for Canada in some championship or something.  To my understanding he went to the olympics for Canada, but I don’t remember haha xD.

DSCN0722Super dusty!

DSCN0723 I wish I took this twice, looks kinda blurry, but I like the angle p:

DSCN0726 Special S-chassis fender, I don’t know why its special, I guess just because I like the stickers on it.

DSCN0727 Auto magnets, and a sticker from my brothers work…

DSCN0729 a shelf!

DSCN0730 Turbos and torque wrenches!!

DSCN0733 Domo, and Forza 2!

DSCN0737 Lego in the turbo


DSCN0741 last for now, as I did not like any others I took lol xD, but at least it was something to do that got me lifting my arm a bit.



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