A random story

My every day routine involves waking up and sitting around till it is time to call gramps to make sure he is getting ready to go.  I take him out to eat every day and run what errands he can think of.  My gramps is known for being a super grump! So today when I called I expected his usual quick hi, bye phone call.  Today he had to call me back because he missed my first call, and I guess how I answered made him answer differently.  I pick up the phone and say a long “Helloooo?” Because sometimes I answer to soon and if I stop to quickly you can’t hear half of my word.  Today though gramps responded with the funniest toned “Heeelllloooooooo”.  I started laughing, but carried on the phone call like normal.  Gramps is in a great mood today, so hopefully that means it will be a fun day to drive him around town.  It is Saturday, so that means we have to go to the barber shop for him to get a shave.  If he is in a good mood already, that means this should be fun.

If there was a title to my job, it would be like that movie, except a little different.  “Driving Mr. Fred”


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