The fun of building an RC


If I originally knew building RC cars was like building model race cars that you can run into things I would have continued with the hobby… possibly.

IMG_4363It was always just about plastic toy cars.  This was the day I decided I was going to rebuild the chassis from stock.  When I first got the car I was fine with it, till it began to fall apart.  I was losing bits of it and that had me searching the internet for replacement bits.  I was pleasantly surprised with how many very decent affordable upgrades there was for my car, and I got a bit carried away lol

IMG_4359I was waaay to excited to have a toy car that I could make look like my real cars if I can find the body of it, and make it look like a race car with some shiny stuff off the internet.


I did not think it would take me as long as it did

IMG_4367But having nothing else to do I worked through the night and had it ready by morning.

IMG_4371I have a few different tire compounds, so its fun to see how the car reacts with different combos.

IMG_4376Those tires in the front were terrible, so they will go on the rear when ever I get another pair of wheels for them.

DSCN0671This is how it is now, but I have found out recently that I can use another brand steering parts… I hate that I spent some money on mine now, but I can not wait to buy the other brands stuff.  It may allow me to put neat looking disc brakes on my chassis, and that I am very excited for.

IMG_4483The body really isn’t much for now, just a cheap AE86 Corolla to beat around, but the more I drive it the more I want a real one lol.

IMG_4480I love that it has mirrors now!

IMG_4481I hate the color of my exhaust, but I love that at least my car has one lol

IMG_4478This thing is a blast! I am still trying to convince my brother to get one lol.

IMG_4507It gets pretty dusty because I drive it out side

IMG_4508So have to keep the air bottle near by!

Hopefully soon I can get back to buying paint for my Nissan body, or maybe I will get distracted and buy this nice Subaru wagon body, not my wagon, but good enough P:

There is a few Nissan engines on Craigslist, so I figure I can wait on that a while since they seem to be popping  up more often.  I am going to be broke a while thanks to this shoulder junk :/


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