Hot Wheels collection part one: The Datsun’s that got me addicted.

IMG_4633As much as i love posting my art, I also have been meaning to start posting my collection of Automotive type junk that will hopefully line the walls of my future garage/work space.  I guess I would keep more of it in the garage if our walls were a bit more complete, but till then I like to see my stuff where most of my work happens lol.

I would have started posting these last week, but I have just started getting more comfortable with lifting my arm up to my wall to handle taking them off and putting them back.  I still am not having pain from surgery, but its crazy that my arm just kinda stops from going any higher in some spots.  I am getting it back quicker than when I first fell years ago, so that is making me super happy, and I am already noticing no pain when I move it to spots I used to have pain xD!!

But anyway, I have a pretty nice collection of Hot Wheels going on that my brother first got me started on collecting, and then my girlfriend fueled the flame, by helping me finish this Datsun 510 collection.  When I say finish, I mean I had one of every color before the wagon and trucks came out…. I may eventually find those though, if anything, there is always ebay lol.



This was my first car. I did not know what to do with it at first, I did not know if I should open it and put it on a shelf, I figured I would just toss it eventually if I opened it, so I hung it on the wall.


IMG_4625 After a while I saw different color 510’s around stores. I never really started looking and often passed them by as junk I did not need.  Eventually I fell in to buying a few of them, and then my brother told me the story on how it started with him.  He had started with a super car he liked, then he would find a different car, knowing he would never own these cars in real life he started buying the toy versions.  My brother will buy 2 of some cars, one to open and one to leave in its box in a shoe box hidden in his house somewhere.  His collection dwarfs mine, but I also only really buy the Japanese cars.





IMG_4630The addiction was growing for more Datsuns, and I soon realized I had missed out on two older colors of the first Datsun my brother had gave me.  I needed them to finish my collection.  It became a mission to find them in stores, seeing the orange was still around, and every other color was  flooding the Hot Wheels section of every store.

That is when I learned just like everything else you can collect, Hot Wheels go up in price, and they go up pretty quick.



This blue and the next black are the first two we went on Ebay to buy, I believe we spent 20 bucks for the 2, but I do not really know as they were a gift from my girlfriend Jen.  Once she did this it was almost a sure thing in my mind that I had to start collecting as much Datsun 510 stuff as possible, till I find the need unbearable and finally save up for a real one.

Though I would settle for many Datsuns that are not Z’s and be perfectly ok with that.  One of my favorite blogs was beeoneoneoh, or something like that, he used to have a fantastic NA SR powered Datsun B110 truck, I wish I could have bought it and shipped it state side when he sold it :/.






This next one was I believe the last one I got before I did my 510 research and learned why we love them so much in America.  I did it at the perfect time too, because after I learned about Brock Racing and John Morton, Hot wheels released the Vintage Racing 510.IMG_4631




As much as I love this hot wheels I hate it.  After we gave up on our in store search we again turned to ebay and spent 25 shipped.  The same day we did that I learned that Peter Brock’s website was selling them for 25 AUTOGRAPHED! I almost bought one, but figured since he moved his shop to Henderson maybe one day I could go buy some stuff and have him sign it, and hopefully he won’t charge me 10 bucks….IMG_4617

IMG_4618They have an RC kit I am DIEING to get my hands on, I figure since they are 200 bucks maybe I can buy it in person and have him sign my Hot Wheels >>… Part of me figures they don’t let people go buy from the shop with out an appointment.  I guess I will find out if I can offered one of those RC kits before he sells out!

I even made a short video, I figure maybe I will do one of these for each little group I do.





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