Fresh Sketch #1: blowing the dust off my pencil

IMG_4644I try and convince my self to draw everyday, but it is hard to catch a groove some times.  Either I can not get enough into the idea of attempting realism, or I can not think of new character/ graffiti letter ideas, or for the most part if I sat down and drew what was on my mind, I would be drawing a whole lot of Nissans…  But for some reason I try to avoid drawing cars, and when I can finally catch a groove I try to run with it.  So I was watching that show Cosmos today and I started drawing a star as he was talking about the stars.  Next thing I knew I had a zombie monster cheerleader person thing…  I may make a copy a color it.

Anyway here is a couple more of her.

IMG_4641 IMG_4642 IMG_4643


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