Friday night live music TTTRadio, WeFunkRadio and the Word Up Show!

EDIT ~ I posted this extra late Friday night as the Word Up Show was winding down, and forgot to also mention TTT Radio on iTunes under Hip Hop and Rap, and, I am never sure what time they start though… it seems to vary as to who wants to play or who is available and all that.  But usually 4:30pm-9pm or something Friday nights, and they have a few different DJs who play.  Sorry DJ Love, your show cuts into WeFunk if it goes passed 9, I can’t do that xD.

WeFunk 9pm-11pm west coast time out of Montreal Canada

Word Up Show local station 91.5 kunv or 11pm-1pm Las Vegas NV

Every Friday night, if you like live Hip Hop and funk and stuff like what I post and what nots, just saying.

I love college radio. 

Since the edit included a non college station I guess I have to just say in general I love good music p:

or what I think is good….


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