Birthday turn around :], with pancakes


Yesterday was not the best of days, but all is normal again in my world, and that is good.  In the I think 4 years now I have been driving my gramps around I have never tried to get anything special on a birthday, except last year, which I think I was out of town.  This year I made sure to mention it was my special day, and they brought me out my short stack with a candle in it X].

Im sure gramps was not going to mention my birthday again as he usually avoids mentioning it as it “hurts to much to think about” as I share this birthday with my Grandma from this side of the family, his wife, who died in 99 I believe.

Either way he did mention it after we got back to the house, I think because they sang the song with they brought my pancakes p:

He also needed me to go to WalMart, a place I feel almost allergic to most times.   But today I gladly ran the errand for gramps seeing he needed groceries and my cousin has not been there.  The best reason to go to WalMart for gramps is because he lets me buy Hot Wheels with his money, and I found some gems today.

I posted on a post a few days ago about how I needed the yellow Toyota 2000GT, found that and a few other cars I could not pass up, two other Toyotas.

Today turned out to be pretty good after all.  And I didn’t spend all my money on stupid stuff!



Falken Supra WTF! So awesome. IMO  Plus the FT86 matches an AE86 I have, posted a pictures of that on my instagram/ twitter thing.



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