Rc drifting in Japan

I am subscribed to a bunch of people on Youtube, because just like on here it is very entertaining for me to see what other people are doing, because some people are just so talented, or just so good at their hobbies, that I can not help but watch.  Real life is better than any television show can ever be.

But anyway I figured I would share this video, mainly because anytime I see a drift team with the word “dancer” in the name it reminds me I want to make a drift team named “Pole Dancer” because I do not think I have seen it yet, and it makes me giggle because it means so much xD.

Side note, if someone else wants to make Team Pole Dancer and send me a sticker for my 1/1 and 1/10 Nissan I would like that X].  It might be a while still before I can get that idea on its way to being a real thing LOL.

All this reminds me of one more thing, it is very rare I see AE86 Corollas in Las Vegas now days, and I keep telling my self it is year of the Corolla.  I am also one of those people who likes to “see the signs” stuff I call good signs towards the random ideas in my mind…  So today I saw a decent looking GTS coupe on the freeway that had me almost ready to buy any cheap Corolla coupe, but I still think I want a hatch if I get an 86.  Will not be hard for me to find either when I am ready seeing I would rather buy an SR5 to play with a carbureted engine a while.  I need to hurry up and move so I can start ninja stashing cars at my uncles house when he is not paying attention <<…  I can’t stand watching certain car deals pass by mainly because of space! I will gladly let a car sit and wait till I am ready to build it.  We have space now, but not having a job and one car taking up some of that space that is still being decided on restore or restomod means I can’t touch that space xD.  Plus I want to be in California working this year, so who knows, maybe that means my girlfriend and I will be able to find enough space of our own to start my 1/1 collection >>….

Hopefully I can start finding cheap Honda’s when I start working to build and flip.  I need to stop going on Craigslist, the deals right now are nuts.

I guess most importantly I need to start buying clutch parts for my Subaru.  One day I took it out it was making a mean scrubbing noise and smelling of burnt clutch, but it has not happened since…  Most days I think having such a new car is nice, and some days I think it is like having a really expensive version of the same thing as before.  I would miss my radio so much to go back to an old car though, and that A/C….  I know I can put both in to anything, but it is soooo nice to have them working and less worry since at least those systems are newer hahaha xD


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