The song that opened a few doors for me

I think I first heard this song in middle school.  I know it was on the Word Up Show on KUNV, and I was in the pool room playing pool with either my brother or my dad.  Though I could have been practicing by my self I don’t remember all the details lol.  In the late 90’s most radio music was gangster rap, bad r&b, or n sync and all that noise, though here at Dad’s house we have never really listened to pop music, as dad has not liked it since the Beach Boy’s.

This night the radio was on as it often was on Saturdays tuned into KUNV from morning till evening because the Saturday line up has always been quite nice.  The Word Up Show has bounced around from Saturday and Friday nights for it seems like my entire life, but I don’t know every bit of history for the show.  What I do know is they played the above song and it did something to me I can not explain.

By this point I was interested in art because my dad has always encouraged my brother and I to be creative, but starting middle school in Woodbury MS at the time I did had another large impact on the art I would begin to focus on.

To this day the artist with the most influence on me has been a local graffiti artist named Swol / Swoel.  I had not seen graffiti in elementary school, I had no idea that a style of art could exist of making word looks amazing. Art in elementary began to sculpt a well rounded artist thanks to a great teacher whose name escapes me.  My brother had many works in shows during elementary, I had I think two.  Our teacher taught about all the best artist and architects, we would do a slide show where she would give a history of the artist and then get us to try and copy their style.  All this was very important to me as an artist, as now I can still basically copy most styles with out problems.  Then came that first day of middle school, I believe I walked for the first year, dragging my French Horn to and from school every day with that outrageously large back pack on my back full of useless paper that can now be condensed into a few mega bites.  I think I chose band over art, WHAT A WASTE! I would love to learn how to read notes again, and I would love to learn how to play piano, but damned was I if I was not more focused on the color and shape of the “SWOL” piece across from the school.  I had never captured an image so deeply that I could not put onto paper.  I could not for the life of me copy the “S” in his piece.

As middle school progressed I began to practice more and more to better what ever word I was using at the time.  Years progressed before I considered myself more than just a “toy” and I began to take my name to the streets, thinking my “S” was finally good enough to grace the same sides of town as legends like Swoel.  I believe the “Swol” piece was there a good few years before it was finally washed out by the city, and at the end of 7th grade a zoning change happened that sent me to Canon MS.  I began to draw characters and seldom did graffiti then as there was not much to look at on the drive to the new school.  I denied first chair French Horn and dropped band and tried to get into something more creative, but I do not honestly remember what class I ended that year of school in, as I bounced around a few classes for some reason.

The end of this year before moving to California for my one year of school there is when I heard the Artifacts song, and it again sparked that interest in writing my name on other peoples stuff…

I will save the rest of the history of my art passed for later and end this giant post about a rap song with another song :]

9th Creation – Bubble Gum


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