Rock Steady, baby!

This morning I was listening to WeFunk and Aretha Franklin’s Rock Steady came on.  As I was sitting and getting my groove on with the music I realized I recognized the song from where else.

This leads me into that Thrasher Skate and Destroy was and still is the greatest skateboarding game of all time, because it was not super fake like Tony Hawk, and had the best sound track of all time.

I knew the song I remembered was the EPMD song from the game, so I searched for the track list and found which one it was :].

Back onto the doors opened up by the Artifacts song I posted yesterday.  The art of sampling in the Hip Hop world was basically introduced to me when years after having heard the Artifacts song I heard the 9th Creation song it was sampled from.  I always figured people made music all on their own….  Once I realized just how exciting the same moment could I found that most other music just can’t not pull my attention for very long.  I have found that listening to Hip Hop, though a lot of it being terrible, a good amount of it is very good.  Plus if you are like me and hear a song that is amazing, maybe its a sample, and maybe the original is better than the modern version :]

I am not a DJ, I am sure it will be a long time before I learn how to DJ, but I am sure if I ever learn I would probably get stuck playing a lot of old music that people wouldn’t listen to xD.

But if WeFunk can play the funk and Hip Hop, then Im sure if I ever get into it I will just try and imitate their style a bit since it is what I listen to the most.

Pablo Picasso ~ “Good artists copy, great artist steal.”

I will never go as far as Picasso’s quote, but it basically says the message that Hip Hop art has been based on for years.  See or hear a style and make it yours and better than the original.  That is what I have always taken from that quote at least.

I guess that is why Hip Hop culture is so fun, because as long as you are not copying harmful it helps fuel the culture with competition and growth.  That can be if you are a B-boy, MC, DJ, writer, what ever your art form even non Hip Hop stuff I guess, ya? Just my opinion though lol


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