Fresh Sketch #3 The W.I.P.



I posted this to instagram, but I am still confused by that, and it doesn’t post on here, so I am posting it again lol.  I have been working on this random doodle when I have random ideas to add to it lol.  It started as me drawing a quick gorilla, and now it is a gorillabear.  I will update it as I add more stuff to it lol, I want to clean the gorillas color up now, but I didn’t think about that as I was first starting hahaha xD

My girl friend said I should start watermarking my photos, so she insisted I get a program on my phone to help me with that.  I guess she has had people steal her pictures and claim them as their own…  Well I hope no one steals my drawings and stuff, that would be lame.  If you do use my art send me a check when you get paid and maybe it won’t go to court ya ;]?

Also if anyone sees what they like, but only enough to where you want to help me get better at what I do, cars, art, music (which I only listen to at the moment LOL) I am very interested in apprenticeships/ internships.  I will be attempting to relocate to the San Jose CA some time this year, so would be nice to find something out there.  


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