Overtake GTR ~ a Speedhunters reblog

I do not like to reblog the bigger sites to often, mainly just because I figure a lot of car people who look at small sites probably look at those too lol, but this thing is just so amazing I had to mention it to anyone that has not seen it yet.  I love how many full carbon cars there have been coming out in the last few years, and to do an R35 GTR is just some really top notch stuff lol.

One day I will have a full carbon S13, I do not care if it is a coupe or a hatch, I just want a full carbon S chassis.  If I do not restore my coupe, something tells me I will will try and make it as much carbon as possible, but I guess I will see how that goes since I will probably come across a cheap shell to build instead of mine lol.

I guess yet another reason to go get radio active with everyone else in Japan X]


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