Cars of the Bay – probably last new post for now :]


If you read my car stuff you know I love Nissans.  So being here in the bay where it seems every other Nissan looks straight off the cover of a magazine just feels sooooo good.  I can not wait till my Nissan is here with these amazing Nissans, even if it still needs its rebuild 😛





This last one is the biggest killer to me, because it looks sooooooooo much like my first s-chassis.  Absolutely LOVE this kids car.  I hope he keeps it this way, maybe gets better wheels, but at least stock body.


My number one Nissan on the same wheels and tires as that kids, gaaaaaaah I miss her so much X[

If I get lucky, maybe when I get back to Vegas I can trade my BMX for a hatch shell or roller with a blown engine p: LOOK AT ME DREAMING! xD


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