Out of town update #1!

IMG_4772 Currently I am in the Bay Area spending the week with my girlfriend.  Tomorrow may be her last day of work, so we may be starting our adventure back to Nevada in a day or two.

During this adventure so far I have spent a lot of time exploring the San Jose area, as well as spending a lot of time drawing and playing with my toy car :p….

I have been learning new art techniques from Jens brother Chris who is an very good artist with a lot of art education.  I am very happy to absorb anything he has to teach, and I will post some of this weeks sketches later.

IMG_4765Before I left I had one major thing to handle, which was my lights! One fog light and one low beam bulb had died, so I had to handle that before the trip lol.  I have never seen my cars face this bright, considering we bought it with one dead fog lol.

More to come later! This is the first of my updates!


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