Out of town update #2! First live figure drawing

IMG_4868Since Jen is still working this week I have been hanging out with her brother and learning what art stuff he has to teach.  The other day he suggested that we go to a public space and draw figures.  I had never done that before so it sounded like fun to me.  I had not idea just how entertaining it could be.  I do not know what these two were talking about, but they had some paper work and were deep in conversation.  Jen’s brother says it is best to pick someone who holds a pose for at least 10 seconds, and to sketch the base shapes and lines first to grab the motion then add details afterwards.  I gave it my best shot and came up with this.  I started trying just to catch his pose since he was facing my direction, but she was blocking part of him so I decided to add her too.  After looking at it a bit I figured maybe if I drew the walls in it might look good.  I am very happy with how it turned out, and I can not wait to do another one.  There is a figure drawing class at an art shop here in the bay this saturday that an artist told me about on Instagram, so I will attempt to attend if I am still in town.


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