Out of town update #5? or something like that



I have now taken a live figure drawing class, and it was intense!

Saturday Jens brother Chris and I went to an art shop in downtown San Jose called The Arsenal.  It is a nice place that looks to specialize in graffiti supplies, so I was very surprised that they were having a figure drawing class.  Everyone there is super nice, I believe it is owned by a husband and wife pair of artist who seem to just want to support local arts.  Their prices were very on point for supplies, but the cost of the class is what blew my mind.  2 hours for 7 bucks!!! I thought drawing in public was tough, and kind of figured this would be easier since she was just going to be sitting there.  WELL I WAS DEAD WRONG!

It starts off with 30 second poses, like 10 of them, then like 5 1 minute poses, then a few 5 minutes, then like 2 10 minutes, then one 40 minute pose with a break at the 20 mark.  By time we were done I had the feeling in my head like I had just done a 12 hour math cram session.  SERIOUSLY ! I think my best sketches were in the 5 minute area, and everything else was to quick, or gave me to much thinking time and I don’t even know!

I had a blast though and would like to go again lol.



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