Still out of town, and getting addicted to instagram and Tumblr!

I have been slacking! I need to stop because I have been having a lot of adventures while here in the bay I would like to post about lol.  Jen suggested I start typing stuff up in Word so that way I can save properly and edit properly before posting, so I have been thinking of the best way to go about that.  I am not in the least bit a professional writer, but I would love to write about cars for a magazine or something since I think I have well worded opinions in stuff…

Anyway though after reading a blog post about a person and their nice drive in their Nissan, I figure I will start with that either later this week or when I get back to Vegas and try to describe at least one adventure I have had in my Subaru.  Probably my most recent, seeing I have some good pictures to go with it :].

Also I have been terribly addicted to looking at art and cars on instagram and tumblr…  I never realized that it is so easy to see really neat stuff with those sites, so I find it hard to pull my self from them when I go check them lol.  Though I have also found Tumblr seems to be quite a bit of porn… I want to follow people because they post other things I am interested in, but then they use the same page to post porn and what not. I do not object to adult material, but I can’t say I want to always look at it when I am looking at cars, art, and random kids toys lol.

Either way super addicting to scroll through the endless randomness the internet has to offer.  It makes me want to build a 1/1 that is not a restore or my DD X[!! After I buy the BRE rc kit I am going to save for the next project. I am putting one more toy car before a real one then Im done with them for a while I swear xD.


EF hatch, EK hatch or coupe, s13 hatch, or ae86, unless a 2j gets plopped in front of me for a Cressida, those are the next options.

If I am moving to the middle of no where Cali this year, and Button Willow will be less than 3 hours away, then I might as well start buying more s chassis parts now.


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