and two days later…


Well my clutch is officially toast. I will post a video of that after I put it on youtube.  So as the Subaru sits out front on its staycation, I get to figure out if we want to get it done quick, properly, but expensively at Subaru, or buy more than I need for the clutch and handle more than just the clutch in the garage here at the house for less money, but more time because of shipping and lack of lift… I would love group N mounts for the engine and trans, seems like a great time to throw those in lol.

ANYWAY, besides the car needing its large bit of maintenance the last two months has sped by and been quite the adventure.  Since getting back to Vegas I have found my self very busy with the same old thing of helping gramps and online job searching, but after learning all the new art tips I have also been drawing a lot more, almost daily lol.


I aam also psyching my self up for work on the Nissan.  I think if I do some really simple mods and stash stock parts till I am ready to restore I can be happy with a project I can not put on the track.  I figure I probably will not sell it unless the right offer comes, so I should enjoy it as a Nissan that was sort of meant for me to own lol.  Thank you Nissan gods! I will make sure I do not destroy it with garbage parts and I will make sure to enjoy it! … Till I get a hatch to project and destroy >:]

The Subaru clutch finally going out after saying for 20k miles to start buying parts has me also thinking I should have been fixing the Nissan to still be a spare car since it is insured! FAWK!


I like to think the Subaru was laughing at the Nissan for being stuck in the garage, and now the Nissan is laughing at the Subaru for being stuck parked on the street.


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