Parts have been ordered!

Hopefully I will be knocking out my clutch this weekend, but shipping can suck so we will see…  Now I just have to figure out how I want to do it, for what ever reason a lot of people pull the engine for this job and leave the trans in the car, but wiggling input shaft into the clutch just seems stupid while trying to also wiggle the engine into place…  I don’t know though,the main reason I am leaning towards dropping the trans is so not to risk messing up A/C and power steering while tucking them aside to pull the engine.  I would like to do group N motor mounts, but I did not order them, just the transmission mount, so that also pushes me towards just dropping the trans.


I guess that means I should go buy a tranny jack soon.

Though I am most excited for the new torque wrench that is coming with parts, yaaay snap-on! I can trust my torque settings now x3!!!!


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