A short update

The last couple of weeks have been very eventful for me, or uneventful…

Since my clutch went out I have not really been able to handle stuff like normal.  So sharing a car with Pops is sort of working for me…  I started working on the car a couple days before Mothers Day, so I lost a day for the holiday.  And though removing the trans was fairly smooth, once I got behind the flywheel I began to really start getting my headaches.  There is a “service hole” and an “oil separator” on the back on Subaru blocks that should be resealed when doing the clutch.  My rear main seal was leaking pretty bad, but I  had ordered that, and I had also ordered a spare oil separator just in case I would need a new one, but I did not order the o-ring for the service hole…  So slowing me down a few more days was more shipping, but to make things worse, I have stripped the screws for the service hole, and one for the oil separator.

I took the opportunity to research my transmissions slight leak since I was going to Subaru for screws, might as well handle this other problem if it is one.  Well turns out it is definitely an issue that needs to be taken care of, because I hate the idea of putting my car back together knowing I have a leak.  Problem with that is when I went to Subaru I did not realize I need one more gasket for the transmission since it will need to come apart to replace this seal.

I am looking at my Subaru wondering what made me think such a new car was a good idea over something old.  As deep into repairs for problems I did not expect to come across, I can not see any reason now for why I thought it was a better idea than a good shape old Honda, or decent shape S chassis.

I wish I had more space to handle all this stuff, I wish I had more tools available, and I wish I would have been making sure my Nissan was a viable spare car in this last year of Subaru ownership!!!  At least if I still had a running car I could be getting paid hahaha xD


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