Live music Friday!!!

I have been busy fighting stripped screws for the better part of a week! If I had like 6 inches to 1 foot more space above me under the car it would be ok, but how much space I have makes those stripped screws terrible! Hopefully today I will be able to handle them, I need to handle them because I am running out of time before pops goes out of town and if the Subaru is stuck on jackstands then I am stuck home till I get it fixed O:!!  That means I can not make money, well unless I start selling crap p:


BUT ANYWAY!! It is Friday, and that means Hip Hop fans with nothing better to do than listen to the radio have a great line up tonight! In my opinion at least

Starts with TTTRadio at 4pm PST 7pm EST on, or TTTRadio stream under Hip Hop on iTunes

Next up is WeFunk Radio at 9pm PST 12am ESTon or 90.3 FM if you are in Montreal

And lastly my local show! The Word Up Show on 91.5 KUNV Las Vegas! That starts at 11pm PST, and you can find the live stream at!



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