My weekly advertisement…

I am always to broke to donate to the radio stations I listen to during funding drives.  So since I seem to be getting followers fairly often I feel it almost like a way of donating to my favorite stations by passing on the word of good music.  When ever I find my next source of pay that allows me extra funds during funding drives I will donate, but till then…


IT IS FRIDAY!!! And that means there will be my favorite radio programs being broadcast live from all over North America.

I start my evening out with TTTRadio starting at 4pm PST.  You can find their live stream on, or iTunes under Hip Hop.

At 9pm PST I switch over to We Funk Radio broadcasting out of Montreal, Canada on 90.3 CKUT, or CKUT.CA for the live stream

And most importantly my local show that helped me grow into the individual I am today.  The Word Up Show on 91.5 KUNV Las Vegas! You can find their live stream at




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