I need to get back on it! So late night post :]


I feel like I have taken this picture before with a few different vehicles lol.  Anyway though, my Subaru is proving to me what I had known for a long time, being that all cars are the same.  It can be 2 years old or 10 years old, $500 bucks, or $50000, and you are still going to have to spend good money on maintenance to keep it on the road.

Granted if a vehicle is well taken care of, you may be spending less in the long run over time, but things will still add up.  You might get lucky like me and have everything start going out all at once…


I knew I had to replace basically everything in there, so I was going to come across what ever made the noise from the video at some point during the work.  First thing was to get this out of the way… When I had this thing out I had found a spot where it was leaking from, did a bit of research to find Subaru has problems with the seal that was leaking…  So that meant more work later.



Here is my noise…


Cleaned this thing up before getting to work on it.


I was surprised how much work goes into this seal, so I hope this one does not leak.


Almost there.


The seal is the one around the shift link there.


Last section off.  20k miles and the Motul still looked decent.  So it got more Motul later.


All done! Now on to the other headache…


It was now time to deal with the leaky rear main seal, as well as take care of what could be possible future problems, the service hole (upper left) and the oil separator plate (right side)

I figured they would be quick and easy.  They very quickly turned into a multi day headache because of stripped screws/ allen heads.  Finally I was able to drill the bad screws out, or in the allens place a hammer and chisel…


I am extra paranoid, so I put a thing coat of RTV around the rear main seal to calm my nerves.


Subaru rear main seal driver…  It is a Harbor Freight driver kit combined with a garbage disposal flange for a kitchen sink, I know I found the idea on a Subaru forum that Google directed me to lol.


Shiney and new!




I did how ever “upgrade” the shifter and bushings.  The bushings I like.  The shifter IN MY OPINON was a complete waste of money.  I do not feel much shorter throws, and it sits lower, AND I had to grind away and the shift boot cover and use spacers to make this thing SORT OF work smooth.  It shifts smooth, but if I spend the time to grind more down it would probably feel better, but still only about as good as stock.  I should have bought the STI 5 speed shifter.


Anyway though, the car is back on the roads for now.  Next up is my brake problem…  My car skipped squeaking and squealing and went straight to grinding, so only a matter of time before this becomes urgent >>… Car still stops fine, just makes hellish noises… again.



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