I got lazy last week and did not announce the Friday night live radio line up, but this week I will not lol.

So for those who love Hip Hop, and they will be near something that can get on the internet to listen to music, here is my favorite Friday line up.

Everything starts off with around 4pm PST, they have 4 DJ’s that run till usually 9 or 10, but I switch to the next show at 9pm PST.

At 9 on CKUT.CA the WeFunk show starts, hosted by DJ Static, and Professor Groove, and usually a special guest DJ.  The night continues getting better too, after WeFunk ends, it becomes time to with the station one more time.

At 11pm PST my local show starts the Legendary Word Up Shows, broadcasted live from the campus of UNLV for as long as I have been alive.  Hosted by DJ Five Eight, bringing you some of the best mixes of golden age and new Hip Hop, keeping the art form a live in a city where most people still listen to 5+ year old Lil Wayne songs.

So enjoy your evening! I know I will :]


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