“Awesome! Lemon Coke is back!” say tens of consumers in Japan

I am jealous. I still think Coke with Lime was better, and those commercials we had for it were the best. Any way, both of these tasty beverages made me start putting lemon and lime in my Coke, sometimes I even mix Coke with lemonade to get that taste lol. I do not drink much soda anymore, so when I do I make sure it is extra unhealthy for me.



After a grueling nine year wait, the two dozen or so hardcore fans of Lemon Coke can finally triumphantly shrug their shoulders and go, “Meh,”, as the company has announced it’s bringing back the mildly tolerated legend after a long hiatus.

The new Lemon Coke, now with slick new packaging that includes a spiffy yellow cap, will be re-introduced to 16,622 7-Elevens throughout Japan, probably to the glorious, collective nonchalant grunts of thousands. Based on promotional photos, the Coke seems a little more transparent than usual, indicating that there must be a whole lot of lemon juice in there.

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