Passing on the word. Dorki Dori brand.


One of the first people here in town that actually taught me stuff in the auto community here in Vegas is a man named Lennon Franz.  He has been in the Vegas drift and S-chassis scene for longer than anyone else I have met, and has made quite the name for him self.  He runs a company now called DorkiDori, and makes clothing and auto parts.  I am passing on this word and link to his site today to help speed up his next aero project, a pig nose lip p: .  SO GO BUY HIS STUFF!! I have been considering his Silvia aero parts, but still have not decided if I really want to do the conversion on my coupe, but if I had a second coupe no doubt I would.


The fitment of the body parts he is having made looks amazing.  And honestly, you pay an arm and a leg for used OE Silva parts that are in bad shape, this seems like a much better option.  I would love to see a coupe in his complete Silvia kit with nice paint next to an OE kit Silvia.



Two different skirts!

I believe the rear valances are his as well for the hatch.  I remember him years ago getting pissed that a pair of rears he bought did not fit right, well now he can not have that problem since he makes them lol.


I will be tempted to get skirts and these rear valances once he makes the Zenki lip, but I am going for USDM OE, so it would not really make sense on my coupe now.  If I ever get a second coupe it will become a Silvia, but I just feel so wrong taking the face away from mine now….


Go check out Dorki Dori for very nice well designed auto enthusiast clothing, and very nice Nissan aero parts.

If Len happens to stumble across this, HIT ME UP! I would love some photoshop tips!



2 responses to “Passing on the word. Dorki Dori brand.

    • Definitely! I will have to make a new FB to respond on there, but I would like to watch your design process. I have watched and learned from a couple other really good designers now, but they do not do what you do, and I would like to get a good idea on how to create stuff like what you are doing.

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