Bio: My name is Colin B., and I have an Associates Degree in Automotive Technology. This wordpress is where i have been posting I guess really whatever interests me of pulls my attention in some way. Though it would be nice to use this as help towards finding a new career that fits me. I am interested in anything automotive and art related, and would gladly accept an apprenticeship or internship in an area around where I am normally located (Las Vegas, or the Bay area). If you see anything I post that shows a skill that you may want to help improve or employ please contact me and I can send you my current resume which currently more just emphasizes that I finished school for auto. I do have auto body skills as well, and am also an iCar certified welder for non-structual auto body. I can prep and paint on automotive, as well as diagnose emissions problems with proper tools and all that fun stuff. I would love to continue learning the electrical side of vehicles to make future restomod projects easier, but I do not think I would like to become a big name in custom car electrical like ChaseBays, RyWire, or Broadfield. Though if any of them read this I would gladly live out of my Subaru for an apprenticeship/ internship. When it comes to my art I do not have as much classroom learning in college as I do automotive, but I have been in art classes from elementary through college, and can pick up new techniques fairly easy with art. I would love to become a tattoo artist some time, also I would love to improve my painting skills to be more realistic. Or I guess just color in general, so if you want to help me learn PLEASE contact me :D! If you see any art you think is already worth using please contact me first!!! I have been seeing how common it is for others to steal art now, I am sure it would be hard to keep a fraud going when you can not reproduce a style, but that won't stop you from getting paid. So if you think you can HELP me sell my art instead of stealing, please contact me!!! I would be more than excited to work on almost any art project. Hopefully soon my Storenvy will have a few small paintings and maybe stickers to purchase to help support my hobbies, interests, and future learning opportunities. Also most importantly THANK YOU!! For taking an interest in what I post about :]

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