Today is going to be full of Holiday shows! I am excited, and you should be too.  If you like Hip Hop at least :p.

If you read these weekly you know I am always excited about live radio, playing music I actually enjoy.  So today I am extra excited, because it is a Holiday, and I know at least the Word Up show is putting on a Holiday special.

So tonight starts off at 4pm PST with, they will be holding it down till about 9pm PST when they usually throw in the towel for the night, and perfect timing it is because I switch stations then anyway.

At 9pm PST the only show that will most likely not be doing a Holiday show seeing how they broadcast from our northern neighboring country of Canada. WeFunk Radio will be bringing you the best in funk, Hip Hop, soul, jazz, and breaks from what ever genre has breaks that catch their ears.  They are at CKUT.CA if you can not tune in to 90.3 FM in Montreal.

And lastly the most important show is my local show.  The Legendary Word Up Show broadcasting out of the great oven in the desert know as Las Vegas.  26 years of realness, currently being hosted by the host I grew up listening to the just as legendary DJ Five Eight!  I know for sure Five Eight is doing a special show tonight.  So if you listen to one show tonight, 11pm PST on KUNV.ORG for the live stream, or if you are in town 91.5 FM KUNV!!!

Though if you are local, turning on this heat tonight may break your A/C unit, you should be extra cautious when handling this Friday night live radio line up.


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